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40th  Jean Patrick Memorial Dance


2 September 2023   7:30 PM

Veteran's Memorial Building

301 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA
Map to the Veterans Memorial Hall

Lyle Ramshaw and Caroline McCaskey

Kendall's Hornpipe

8x32 J2

RSCDS Graded 1

The Braes of Tullimet

8x32 S3


Mary Erskine

8x32 R3

Goldring: RSCDS Graded 2

Gang the Same Gate

8x32 S3

Levy: RSCDS 36

Cadgers in the Cannongate

8x48 R3

Walsh: RSCDS 9




Blue Bonnets

8x32 J2


The Robertson Rant

1x80 S4

Winchester: RSCDS 39

Light and Airy

8x32 J3

Campbell: RSCDS 4

The Gentleman

8x32 S3

Huxley: RSCDS 35

Mairi's Wedding

8x40 R3

Cosh: RSCDS Thirty Popular v.2




General Stuart's Reel

8x32 R3

Castle Menzies: RSCDS 10

Miss Gibson's Strathspey

8x32 S3

Haynes: RSCDS Leaflet

Tribute to the Borders

8x32 J3

Goldring: RSCDS Leaflet

The Falkirk Lass

8x32 S3

Brunken: Merse Collection

The Highlandman Kissed his Mother

8x32 R3




Waltz and Polka


Adults $23 in advance or $28 after August 26 or at the door.

Youth/student $10 in advance or $12 after August 26 or at the door.

Spectators are free.


Purchase tickets online at or mail check to:
Jean Patrick Memorial Dance, c/o Margaret Ward, 841 Roma St., Livermore, CA 94551

Make checks payable to RSCDS San Francisco Branch. Please include names of the dancers
attending, contact phone number, and email address. An attendance list will be at the door;
confirmation of reservations will be by email. Vaccination & masks optional - joy mandatory! Thank you!

Printable Flyer

Adult Ticket:
Youth Ticket: