To thank all the people who helped with the ball
Is the reason we’re up here addressing you all.
We hope you will listen and pay close attention
For fear that you’ll miss anyone who we mention.

The program committee will start off our show,
Andy and Bruce, Marianna and Jo.
Selecting the dances was their sole employment,
And we praise their fine efforts for our enjoyment.

From preview to review, we’ve spent our time learning
The figures and patterns that keep our minds churning.
And all with the aid of great teachers at bat:
Dwayne, Lin, Rebecca, Marghie and Pat.

The challenge to deck the hall this year was daunting.
Asilomar’s edict was eerily haunting
“No wire, no tape, no nails and no strings!”
Yet Sylvain and Marilyn beautified things.

The banners were hung from the ceiling with care
In the hope that St. And-a-rew soon would be there.
The crew led by Sparky would brook no delay
In making this evening a true banner day.

The task of o’erseeing the punch and soiree
Was ably accomplished by Class Monterey.
We’re grateful to them for their fine ministrations
And keeping our thirsty mouths full of libations.

Jennifer’s crew spent the afternoon running.
And as you can see, the flowers are stunning.
And John and Jen weren’t at all coffee can-tankerous
In their new cottage industry titled—Plant Stands ‘R’ Us.

And last but not least is our hostess divine
Whose briefings allow our dancing to shine.
Her banter and intros are such a delight
We’re so pleased that Ellen’s our Queen of the Night.

Delivered by Sylvain Pelletier and Tim Wilson at the Kim McGarrity Memorial Ball at Asilomar, November 1, 2003.



1st lady cross over, past partner’s left shoulder,
2nd lady dance likewise with looks meant to smolder.
3rd lady repeats it to join in the chase
Below the 3rd man as all dance back to place.

The men then dance likewise, 1st, 2nd, then 3rd,
Past partners’ right shoulders, or so I have heard,
Then below the 3rd lady, they chase back to place,
To finish at home with all 6 face to face.

The 1s and the 2s proceed with The Knot
And dance it as written ‘til that crucial spot
At the end of bar 6 with your left hands a-grip
Dance half hands across to give it The Slip.

Then progress with poussette in this dance by Mel Briscoe
That’s named for his wife once of swell San Francisco.
I feel safe in saying that you’ll flip your wig
When you’ve had a chance to dance Mel’s Ellie’s Jig.

Written by Tim Wilson and delivered by Ellen Aaron at the Kim McGarrity Memorial Ball at Asilomar, November 1, 2003.