Kim McGarrity Memorial Ball Thank You Poem 2004

(In the meter of Modern Major General)
With our sincerest apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan…

To thank the many who have helped to make this night spectacular
Is why we’re at the microphone, to speak in the vernacular.
We surely couldn’t make this evening happen without lots of help
And everyone has done their own fair share and then some more as well.

We’d like to start by thanking our Asilomar compani-ons,
Terry, Janet, Bruce, and Susan, Jo, Julee, and Cameron,
With Ave Marianna, ball musician interce-essor,
And Margaret who organized the volunteers, we ble-ess her.

You’ve probably all noticed that From Scotia’s Shores We’re Noo Away
And Altshellach are absent, so this is no night to to-urnee
Our champions for programming were Cathy, Jo and Pat and Lyle
We’re glad that they have made a program guaranteed to make us smile.

The previews and the reviews helped to keep the dances in our minds,
From poussettes, back-to-backs and reels to ladies’ chains and Allemandes.
We’re grateful for the practices that Paula, Bruce, and Eugene taught
And Marianna’s, Jo’s and Connie’s also that you might have sought.

The soiree hosted by the swells from Monterey delighted us
Their vigilance in punchbowl maintenance was something marvelous 
Though Scots are often teased about their habit of frugality
Class Monterey is generous in warmth and hospitality.

The one who has a vision either mystical or dec’rative
Deserves a bit of thanks for reinventing our perspe-ective
I know he spent a lot of time to prep the apron and the swag,
And confidentially, I’ll tell you, Sylvain here is quite a … (I couldn’t say that in public!)

With Sparky at the helm the banner set-up was a piece of cake
With sure direction and a dedicated team, make no mistake.
The classes represented span from Reno down to Monterey,
The hanging banners look so grand it really takes one’s breath away.

The task of filling up balloons requires more than just hot air,
Just ask Coletta, David, Donna, Deborah and some others there.
They tied and knotted—once then twice—and seemed to have a lot of fun
Displaying teamwork that reminded me that good sets work as one.

Cecilia and Marilyn and countless floral volunteers,
Have made enchanting sprays that serve to charm the eyes almost to tears
We’d like to thank them for their expertise with flowers, vines and plants
Their labor through the afternoon helps give the room such elegance.

He’s helped our battered brains recall that we have danced each dance before,
Though he might wonder watching us if we recall a reel of four,
We’ve all had nights at dances when the not-so-briefer rambled on
Thank goodness we are blessed with our delightful Mister Hamilton.

Delivered (with a few changes) by Sylvain Pelletier and Tim Wilson at the Kim McGarrity Memorial Ball at Asilomar, October 23, 2004.

Bonus verses for the teachers:

Lin’s lilting voice did coax us through a host of medleys and much more,
And David’s English country dances saved our feet which felt so sore.
Through step and country dances dear Rebecca from Vancou-ouver
Has showed us ways to make our bodies gracefully maneu-euver.

When asked to clap on beat 2 of our pas-de-basque by Muriel,
The sound of rapid fire guns must surely have seemed surreal.
Then Bill explored the methods which would teach our limbs to mobilize
For perfect 3-beat pas-de-basques to claim the noble Zobel prize.

And last, the Boston lassie—Marianne—without her Gilligan,
Rounds out our cast of followers in line with Miss Jean Milligan.
In short, we thank the teachers who’ve inspired us with such belief.
We’d also like thank the industries that make our pain relief!