List of Dances Taught at Asilomar 2002

Sara Gratiot

Saturday 1

More Bees A-Dancing R

Graded & Social Dances 2 – Goldring


The Fixed Link J

The Greenburn Book – Drewry

Saturday 2

Welcome to Claggan S

The Third Carnforth Collection – Haynes


Kickapoo Gatherings S

In Celebration of Dance – Kent Smith


Cape Breton Stepdance



The Fixed Link J

The Greenburn Book – Drewry

Bruce Hamilton

Saturday 1


Waverly Fugues – Foss


The Dancing Man

10 Social Dances – Goldring

Saturday 2

Mrs. Shore’s Strathspey

TAC Leaflet – Charles Ryce


The Falkirk Bairn

Unpublished – Campbell Hunter





The Home Coming

Multiple Calculated Figures – Gary Roodman


Fair and Softly

Again Let’s be Merry – Tom Cook


Soldier’s Joy

Community Dances Manual – Trad.


Sunlight through Draperies

Unpublished – Tom Roby


Duke of Kent’s Waltz



The Quaker

Tin Woodsman – Milton Levy

Ruth Jappy

Saturday 1

Marischal College J

Rondel Book – Drewry


Hobson’s Choice R

Craigievar Book 4 – Bill Forbes

Saturday 2

Inverary S

RSCDS Miscellany 1

Saturday 3

Our Dancing Soutar R

Kauri Collection, NZ


The Isle of Islay S

Arrowsmith – Vancouver


Old Time



Marine 4 step



The Waltz of the Bells,



The Ace of Clubs



The Royal Empress Tango



Hi Jinks



Jessie’s Reel

Scottish Archives

Martin Mulligan

Saturday 1

The Richmond Two-step



21st September R



The Muirs of Greywell 

Reel Friends Bk 2 – Dix

Saturday 2

Mrs. Shore’s Strathspey S

TAC Leaflet – Ryer


Off to Speyside J

24 Graded …. – Goldring


The Avalon Waltz

Newfoundland #2 – Mulligan

Saturday 3

The Richmond Two-step



Captain Cook’s Hornpipe H

Cleveland Collection – Thompson


Linnea’s Strathspey S

Leaflet – Wilson


Glasgow Anniversary Jig J

Glasgow Branch 75th - Gillies


The Avalon Waltz



On the Wallaby Track R

Leaflet – Mulligan

Allison Russell

Saturday 1

Twa Rogueish Een J

Rondel Book – Drewry

Saturday 2

The Moray Rant S

Silver City Book – Drewry

Saturday 3

Bonnie Kitty R

RSCDS Miscellany II


Furth o’ Clyde S

Leaflet - Anna Holden


Julian’s Jig J

Allanton Collection

Saturday 4




Maxwell’s Rant

RSCDS 18/10


Neidpath Castle

RSCDS 22/9


Wild Geese

RSCDS 24/3





Mrs. McArthur of Netherlee

Leaflet – Jessie Hamilton


8000 Miles from Home

Leaflet - Ayr Branch

Sunday The Magic Airt o' Gow The Rondel Book - John Drewry

Catherine Shaw

Saturday 1

Kiss Under the Stairs J

RSCDS Miscellany II

Saturday 2


Macramé – Motts

Saturday 3

Blue Mess Jacket

Douglas Henderson


Bonnie Anne J

McNab Dances


Ocean Frolic R

Dolphin Collection – Skelton


Galloping Carousel J

Ottawa 25th Ann. Collection – Chasterlain


Twiddle in the Middle R

Oaks of Sherwood – Bradley

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