List of Dances Taught at Asilomar 2003

Marian Stroh

Saturday 1

The Grenora Ferry

An Itch to Dance - Terry Glasspool


Summer's End

The Allanton Collection - Ron Wallace


Sprig of Ivy

Boston's Celebrate 50 Years - J.B. Dickson

Saturday 2

The Silver Link



Bill Little's Birthday

Graded & Social Dances 2 - Goldring

Saturday 3

The Miller of Sessnie

15 Social Dances - Goldring

  Old Spedling Castle's Ghost Dance Jim Rae
  Cemmeron of Erracht Ft. Worden XX - The Scottish Country Dance Collection - Charles Ryer
Sunday Homeward Bound World Around the Corner - Iain Boyd

Peter McClure


Fraser's Favourite

RSCDS Leaflet


Cocky Wee Gordon

Stoneywood Collection - Drewry


The Moving Cloud

Scottish Dance Archives #182 - Ian Kinroy



24 Graded & Social Dances - Goldring


May Yarker's Strathspey




Whiskey Collection - Basil Eddershaw


Peggy Dewar

RSCDS Book 38


The Blackburn Reel

Stoneywood Collection - Drewry


Lock Torridon

Scottish Dance Archives #185 - Barry Priddey


The Royal Wedding

RSCDS Leaflet


Mistress Mary

4 SCD in Memory of Mary Nixon - Liz Goossen

Irene Townshend


Furth O' Clyde

Anna Holden Leaflet


Trimble Tumble

The Doure Collection - Ron Arrowsmith


Macfarlane's Strathspey



New Scotia Quadrille

RSCDS Book 34/6


The De'il Amanst the Flowers

Keith Bark Leaflet


A Castle in the Air


Mel Briscoe

Saturday 1

Light and Airy



Trip to Gatlinburg



Miss Dumbreck


Saturday 2

Rocks of Solitude

Silver Rose Book



Gallaway Album - Foss

Saturday 3

Cairn Edward

Galloway Album - Foss


Tappie Toorie

24 Graded and Social - Goldring


The Belfast Hornpipe

Wes Clindinning Leaflet


The Silver Square

The Seven Year Itch - Glasspool

Paula Jacobson

Saturday 1

The Maid of the Mill

RSCDS 21/11

Saturday 2

The Borussia Strathspey

Duncan Brown Leaflet


Lilburn Tower

Newcastle Half Centure - Avery


Mole's Frolic

Dunsmuir Dances - Winter


Knit the Pocky

RSCDS 11/1


Delvine Side



De'il Amang the Tailors

RSCDS 14/7

Sunday A Highland Welcome Cockelroy Collection - J.B. Dixon

Vicky Goodloe

Saturday 1

Trip to Glasgow

RSCDS Leaflet


Music Square Reel

Central Kentucky Branch

Saturday 2

The Maxwell's Rant Again

John Drewry's Dances for 2003

Saturday 3

Nimbus 2002

Vicky Goodloe Leaflet


Cotton Eyed Joe

The Big Set

Sunday Magic Moments Wes Clindinning Leaflet


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