List of Dances Taught at Asilomar 2004

Bill Zobel

Advanced Social

Capt McBrides Hornpipe



Kiss Under the Stairs


Intermediate Social

Well Kent

Roy Goldring unpublished


Lowland Lads

Jackie Johnstone (second Loreburn Collection)


Dancing Years

Roy Goldring ("3 Anniversary Dances" available from TacBooks)

Lin Pettengill

Class 1

The Free Mason

Whetherley Book of SCD #16, John Mitchell


Mary Erskine

15 Social Dances, Roy Goldring

Class 2

The Scots Guards

The Ladies of Dunse


Christie's Strathspey

The Greenburn Book Volume 3, John Drewry

Class 3 (medleys)

Betty's Wedding

Twenty Two SCD, James Cosh


The Ben Ledi Medley

leaflet, Frances Gray


Frae A The Airts

RSCDS Leaflet #8

Sunday Morning

W. James

Alex Gray Tweeddale Collection Volume 2

David Newitt

Class 1

Glen Mor

Eric Forbes, Birmingham Book



Delaware Valley Silver


Crocketts Victory Garden

Harry Ways Bicentennial Book

Class 2 (English)

Knole Park



Turning by threes

Gary Roodman


The Homecoming

Gary Roodman


Wibsy Roundabout

Gary Roodman



English trad

Class 3

Indian Queen

English trad


Huntley Castle

John Drewry, Canadian Book


The Loch Ness Monster

Janet MacDonald, Leaflet

Sunday Morning

The Sweetness of Heather

Davic Newitt unpublished

Muriel Johnstone

Intermediate Technique

Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe



The Express


Advanced Social

Reece's Ramble

leaflet Muriel Johnstone


Olympic Treasure

Irene Paterson 30th Fort Worden


The Shetland Fiddler

Bob Campbell Glasgow Assembly


Bonnie Gallowa

Bill Little Blackadder Collection

Advanced Technique

General Richie's Reel

Bob Campbell Glasgow Assembly


Ruby Hornpipe

Muriel Johnstone Merse Collectio

Marianne Taylor

Advanced Social

Round Pond Rant

Ralph Sizer Pinewoods Coll Vol 1


Anna's Wedding Cake

B. Janssen Celebrate 50!


Flights of Fancy

Jeanetta McColl Celebrate 50!

Advanced Technique

Fill the Fetters

R. Lasnik Celebrate 50!


Lanson's Lady

H Knox Dunedin 4


Anne Tuft's Strathspey

Tony Moretti Pinewoods 2

Intermediate Mix

Auld Reekie Hornpipe

Marianne Taylor Celebrate 50!


The Mercat Cross

John Bowie Dickson Dunedin Vol 3


The Top

Ralph Sizer Pinewoods 3

Sunday morning

Buck's Reel

Lori Conant Pinewoods Vol 2

Rebecca Blackhall-Peters

Advanced Technique

Lassie Come and Dance with Me

Harry Rhodes Archives

Intermediate Social

Rebecca's Tournee

Rebecca Blackhall Peters unpublished

Step Class

Variation on Round Hay of Six

John Drewry Green Burn Coll.

Sunday Morning

The Piper

18th Century Book of SCD Jack McConnachie

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