List of Dances Taught at Asilomar 2005

Inverneill House

Book 35

Duke of Atholl's Reel

Book 16

The Earl of Northampton


Highland Schottische


Meg Merrilees


Derwent Strathspey

Stewart Adam

Alison's Round Reel (warm up)

Alex Gray

The Swing of the Kilt

Harry Ways - Glendarroch sheet #32

Maple Leaf Rant


Swirling Snow

Ruth Taylor

Glenora Ferry

Terry Glasspool - An Itch to Dance

Canadian Barn Dance


Hamilton Hospitality

Goldring - Welcome To Hamilton (leaflet)

The Jubilee Quadrille

Alan MacPherson

The Dancing Dolphins

Barry Skelton - The Dolphin Book

Alan J. Smith

Book 45

The Fairbridge Reel

Book 45

The Saltire Strathspey

Book 45

Westcoast Delight

Jack Vlug - Vancouver Book

The Summer Sun

Sam Reynolds, Colorado

Dancin' Witches

Edwin Werner,

Tides of Asilomar

Bob McMurtry

Kodi's Jig


Spur of the Moment

Bob McMurtry.

Jessie Wiseman's Reel

The New Ruthven Collection devised by Rob Sargent

Auld Lang Syne

RSCDS Book 27

The Windy Strath

The New Ruthven Collection devised by Rob Sargent

Westminster Reel

Bk. 45

Short and Sweet

Bk. 30

Preston Mill

Bk. 45

Burn of Sorrow

Barry Priddey

Sands of Morar

Bk. 45

Queen's Quadrille

Bk. 43

Whig Maleeries

Imperial Bk. #2, dance by Derek Ivory

Campbell's Hornpipe

Birmingham Bk., dance by  Anna Holden

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