List of Dances Taught at Asilomar 2006

Elaine Brunken

Social class

A Capital Jig

8 x 32 J

Leaflet  Tine MacKay

Mac's Delight

8 x 32S

Leaflet  Tine MacKay

The Penny Whistle Hornpipe

8 x 32 H

Leaflet Brunken

Technique Class

The Chris Ronald Strathspey

8 x 32 S

Leaflet Ron Wallace  

The Penny Whistle Hornpipe

8 x 32 H

Leaflet Brunken

Sunday morning

Magic moments

6 x 32 R

Wes Clindinning  Brock Collection

Douglas Macdonald

First Class - Quick TIme - Intermediate Social

Aird of Coigach

4x48 Jig

Imperial Book Vol 3 (John Bayly)

The Stable

5x32 Reel

Leaflet/Walt Metcalf (Notes attached)

Second Class - Strathspey - Intermediate Technique

Miss Florence Adams

8x32 Strathspey

RSCDS Book 38 (John Drewry)

Gang the Same Gate

8x32 Strathspey

RSCDS Book 36 (Milton Levy)

Third Class - Special topics - Fugal Dances

The Cranberry Tart

8x32 Jig

The Seven Year Itch/Terry Glasspool

Fugal Fergus

8x48 Jig

Waverley Fugues/Hugh Foss

The One O'Clock Canon

5x32 Reel

Dunedin Book 4 (Ian Brockbank) (Notes available online at

Sunday Class

Just for the Fun of It

6x32 Reel

Leaflet/Kiser Macdonald

Cathy Bertics

Berwick Johnnie

RSCDS Graded Book #14

Paisley Mondays

Glasgow Branch Book 

Lord Selkirk

Let's All Dance, Too 

Lady Susan Stewart's Strathspey


Steps in the Sand

C. Bertics  (unpublished)

Castle Douglas

Twelve More Social Dances by Roy Goldring

Arthur McNair

Lower-Intermediate Quicktime:

Mrs Stewart's Jig

(J8x32) 3C (4C set)

F Ligtmans  RSCDS Bk 35 - 1

Piper and the Penguin

(R1x88) 4C SQ

Scotia Suite

Advanced Technique Strathspey:

Gypsy Weaver

(S8x32)  3C  (4C set)

Denise Peet

The Trysting Place

(S8x32)  2C (4C set)

I  Boyd  RSCDS Bk 35

Teacher's Choice (Frugal Dances!)

Domino Five

(R5x32) 5 person Sq.Set with 5th person in centre

D Haynes  Carnforth Coll 4

Three Plus One


Martha Veranth  Wasatch Mountain Collection

Sego Lilly


Martha Veranth   Wasatch Mountain Collection

A Pair of Scots


Arthur McNair

Scots on the Rocks


Michelle Cameron?  (Collected from Ceilidh at Lyndhurst)

Final Combined Class

A Touch of Tartan

(J8x32) 3C (4C set)

Dancing Thistles RSCDS Praetoria Irene van Maarseveen

Angela Young

Saturday Quick Time Class

Leap Year & Watson's Reel ( Warm Up )

RSCDS Graded Book

Euan's Jig

RSCDS Book 28

Inverneill House

RSCDS Book 35

Saturday Strathspey Class

Tom's Friends

Roy Goldring - RSCDS London 75th Anniversary Book

The Merrick

Derek Haynes

Sunday Class

Airyhall Delight

RSCDS Book 40

Bruce Herbold

First class

Mrs. Hepburn Belches

(trad. leaflet)

Second class

Miss Florence Adam

(bk 38)

Struan Robertson's Rant

(bk 16)

Sunday morning

The Langdon Knot

(Tim Wilson leaflet, posted on RSCDSSF website)

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