List of Dances Taught at Asilomar 2010

Tracey Applebee


Orca: Quick Time


It’s All Right

8 x 32J

RSCDS Graded Book Vol 2


Brechin Lassies

8 x 32R



Otter: Strathspey Time


Sands of Morar

8 x 32S



Davie Taylor

8 x 32S

Drewry leaflet


Afternoon Teacher Choice - Dances by Terry Glasspool


Sue’s Delight

8 x 32R,



No Mean Feet

16/16M, S/R

Seven Year Itch


Silver Square

5 x 32R

Seven Year Itch


Sunday Morning


Three Feisty Women/Double The Trouble

6 x 32R

Diane Klann “Just a Few Dances for Just a Few Dancers” Cleveland Heights Group, 2007




Fiona Miller


Sea Lion: Quick Time


It’s Just for Fun

8 x 32J



Dolphin: Strathspey Time




Lake Geneva

8 x 32S

Kent Smith, Chicago


Afternoon Teacher Choice - To help or not to help.


Good Hearted Glasgow








Sunday Morning


El Viento

4 x 32J

Trestle Bridge Collection




Irene Paterson


Dolphin: Quick Time


Nessie’s Neuk

8 x 32R

Vancouver 50th Collection


Harbor Seal: Strathspey Time


The Kingdom of Fife

8 x 32S

Dances from 18th Century


Paddy’s Surprise

4 x 32S

Leaflet, Paterson, unpublished


Afternoon Teacher Choice - Dances by John Bowie Dickson


The Highlanders Jig

8 x 32J

Dunedin Collection Vol 3


The Kestrel

3 x 32S

Dunedin Collection Vol 5


The Glenburnie Rant

4 x 32R

Cockleroy Collection


Sunday Morning




Bonnie Mary

8 x 32R

Thistle Dubh




Helen Russell


Otter: Quick Time


Fairly Shot o’ Her

8 x 32J



The New Waterloo Reel

8 x 32R



Glen Fincastle


Jim Rae, in ‘A Dancing Tour’


Sea Lion: Strathspey Time


Dunfermline Glen

8 or 6 x 32S

Goldring, Twelve More Social Dances


A Mile to Ride

8 x 32S

RSDS Bk 26


Afternoon Teacher Choice - Turning, Twirling and Burling


Royal Army Medical Corps Rant

4 x 32R

Russell, unpublished


Peterhead Lassies

8 x 32J

Goldring, 24 Graded and Social Dances


Jennie’s Strathspey

8 x 32S

RSCDS Royal Tunbridge Wells Branch Silver Anniversary Book of Dances


The Duran Ranger

8 x 32R



Sunday Morning


Uncle Bill’s Jig

8 x 32J

Goldring, Graded and Social 3


Miss Stevenson’s Fancy

8 x 32S

3rd Carnforth Collection




Alan Twhigg


Harbor Seal: Quick Time


East to the Escarpment

3 x 32J

Terry Lynne Harris, Many Happy Hours (RSCDS Pretoria Branch)


High Society

4 x 40R

John Brenchley, RSCDS Bk 46


Orca: Strathspey Time


The New Town of Edinburgh

3 x 32S

devisor unknown, Miss Milligan's Miscellany of Scottish Country Dances


A Jig for Mr. Twhigg

2 x 32J

Lindell Damey, pub. in Sunday Brunch


Sunday Morning


Barbara’s Strathspey

8 x 32S