List of Dances Taught at Asilomar 2012

Rebecca Blackhall-Peters




The Royal Patron

8 x 32 R

RSCDS Diamond Jubilee Book, Philip Whitley


Langley's Road

8 x 32 J

RSCDS Birmingham Diamond Jubilee Book, Gillian Jennings


Sea Lion: Strathspey Time


Burnaby at 40

4 x 40 S sq set

RSCDS Diamond Jubilee Book, Rosemary Coupe


The Royal Patron

8 x 32 R

RSCDS Diamond Jubilee Book, Philip Whitley


Sunday Morning


Epping Hundred

8 x 32 R

Stoneywood Collection 1, John Drewry




Roberta Gotfried


Otter: Quick Time



8 x 32 R

RSCDS Book 36, Linda Gaul


Frae A' the Airts

8 x (S16+R16)

RSCDS Book 36


Orca: Strathspey Time




Lady Glasgow

8 x 32 S



It's Nae Bother

8 x 32 J

Derek Haynes, 4th Carnforth Collection


Afternoon Teacher Choice – Dances by Mary Brandon


The Bull Stane

8 x 40 R

Memories of Fife


Founders' Reel

4 x 48 R

Dances with a Difference


Sunday Morning


Lochalsh Reel

8 x 40 R

The Skye Collection vol 2




Marjorie McLaughlin


Dolphin: Quick Time


Johnny Groat’s House

8 x 32 R

RSCDS Book 18 #1


The Gentle Shepherd

4 x 32 J

RSCDS Book 17 #5


Otter: Strathspey Time



5 x16 S round the room

Dances to Song Tunes, Hugh Foss


Loch Fad

4 x 32 S

The Kiwi Book, Barry Skelton


Afternoon Teacher Choice – Dances by Hugh Foss




Airie Bennan

5 x 32 J

Glendarroch SCD Sheet #2



8 x 32 S

Rose Collection


Earls ton Loch

5 x 32 R

Glendarroch SCD Sheet #1


The Rhinns of Kells

8 x 32 R

The Galloway Album


Sunday Morning




The Elegant Tern

8 x 32 S

Martha Veranth “Feathered Friends”




Dwayne McQuilliams


Orca: Quick Time


Leuchars Leap

8 x 32 R

Leaflet by Sylvia Edie


Reel of the Sound

8 x 32 R

A collection for the Washington State Centennial


Harbor Seal: Strathspey Time


October in Rechberg

8 x 32 S

Dancing on Air, Bill Zobel & Muriel Johnstone


The Maid of Lorn

8 x 32 S

A collection of four Scottish Country Dances by Andrew Purdon


Gentle Annie

3 x 32 S

Delaware Valley Silver Collection


Afternoon Teacher Choice - 2 COUPLE DANCES


Miss Kristi C

8 x 40 R

Leaflet Dwayne McQuilliams


Jeannie o’ the Witchin E’e

8 x 32 J

Scottish Country Dances collected by Mary Isdal MacNab


Ceiltich Cross

8 x 32 S

A Reel Dozen Gaelic College Book #4


Aon’s A Dha

8 x 32 R

Six and Half a Dozen Gaelic College Book #2


Sunday Morning


Isla’s Fancy

3 x 32 S

The Cane Toad Collection, Rod Downey




Antoine Rousseau


Sea Lion: Quick Time


Hazel Tree

8 x 32 J

J. Drewry Brodie Book


Brodie Book Princess Royal

8 x 28 R

RSCDS Book 2


Dolphin: Strathspey Time


My Friend Joe

8 x 32 S

RSCDS Book 38


Afternoon Teacher Choice - STRATHSPEY POUSSETTE


Neidpath Castle

3 x 32 S

RSCDS Book 22


Miss Shaftesbury’s Fancy

8 x 32 S

RSCDS Book 28


Trysting Place

8 x 32 S

RSCDS Book 35


Haugs of Cromdale

8 x 16 S

RSCDS Book 4


Sunday Morning

A Jig for Denise

8 x 32 J

      Ann Dix, Reel Friend 3