List of Dances Taught at Asilomar 1999

Wes Clindinning

1st Class: The Kettle Drum 3x32H - Alex Hay, Auckland, N.Z.
  Lord Mackay Reel, 4x32R - Boys Brigade Leaflet 1954
2nd Class: Glasgow Lasses, 3x32S - RSCDS Book 34
  Gleneagles, 3x32S - George Will, Vancouver, B.C.
3rd Class: Twa Corbies, Sx32R - Iain Boyd - Let's All Dance
  Caledonian Daunder, 3x32S - Imperial Society Book SCD
  The Flying Scotsman, 3x32J - Hugh Thurston, Let's All Dance
Sunday a.m.: Caledonian Daunder, 3x32S - Imperial Society Book SCD

Jo Hamilton

1st Class: Lamb Skinnet, 32J2 - RSCDS Book 14
  Samhain Magic, 32R3 - Leaflet Elizabeth Lee Barnes
2nd Class: Lady Susan Stewart's Strathspey, 32S3 MMM II
  Samhain Magic, 32R3 - Leaflet, Elizabeth Lee Barnes
3rd Class: Bon Voyage, 32R3 - Ann Dix, Reel Friends
  Foula Reel - as danced in the Shetlands
Step dance: Dance of the Gaels
Sunday a.m.: A Trip to The East, 32J2 - Jo Anning, The New Brunswick Collection

Fiona Miller

1st Class: Chicago Loops, 32R2 - Kent Smith, A Chicago Collection
  The Dancing Lights, 32J - Fiona Miller
2nd Class: Salute to Glasgow, 32S - John A. Johnston, Glasgow 75th Anniversary Collection
  How Does It Go? 32J - Marjorie Adams - RSCDS Archives
3rd Class: Jingling Geordie, 32J - Jean Atwood, Alexander Dances I
Sunday a.m.: The Merrill Gathering, 3x40R - Fiona Miller

Irene Paterson

1st Class: Struan Robertson's Reel, 8x40R - RSCDS Book 16
  The Spirit of the Dance, Sx32S - Irene Paterson, Leaflet
2nd Class: The Northern Meeting, 3x32S - Bob Campbell, Farewell My Fancy
  The Dancing Man, 3x32S - Roy Goldring, 10 Social Dances
3rd Class: Oh! Whistle and I'll Come Tae ye, my lad, 3x32J - RSCDS Book 24
  The Spirit of the Dance, 8x32S - Irene Paterson, Leaflet
Sunday a.m.: The Tattie Bogle, Sx32J - Carnforth Collection

Alan Twhigg

1st Class: The Provost Wynd, 3x32R - Goldring, 24 Graded & Social Dances
  A Jig for Mr. Twhigg, 3x32J - Sunday Brunch Collection
2nd Class: Blithest Lass that Ever Was Seen, 8x32S - MMM II
  Tweedbridge Court, 8x32S - Bob Blackie, Leaflet
3rd Class: The Priest and his Books, RSCDS Book 7
  The 96 Ten, 5x32R - Silver Thistle Collection
  The Grey Wanderer, 4x48S - Iain Boyd, Lord of the Rings Book
Sunday a.m.: Merlindale House, 4x32S (Square) - Alex Gray, Tweeddale Collection Vol.2

Ron Wallace

1st Class: Bonnyton Woodie - Imperial Book of SCD, Vol. I
  Salmonfield Poacher
2nd Class: Rascal Fair - Gary Thomas
  Salmonfield Poacher
3rd Class: The Robertson Rant, RSCDS Book 39
Sunday a.m.: The Highland Rambler - 10 SCD, Leeds Branch Silver Jubilee

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