Welcome to the Livermore/Pleasanton Scottish Country Dance Classes
We are an member class of the San Francisco Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Scottish Country Dancing is lots of fun, and there are many social events hosted by the San Francisco Branch and Branch classes. The photos below are from the Friday evening welcome dance at the Asilomar Weekend Workshop.

We offer Scottish Country Dance (SCD) classes two evenings each week.

New dancers are welcome to join us anytime, and especially in September of each year.

Information for New Dancers
Adults Ages 5 to 17

Mondays in Livermore

8:00 to 10:00 PM

Veterans Memorial Hall
522 South L St., Livermore

Classes for new dancers start September 9, 2019

$7 drop-in or $78 per quarter

Fridays in Pleasanton

6:00 to 7:00 PM

Vineyard Ballet Academy
39 California Ave., Suite 110, Pleasanton

Starting September 6, 2019

$80 for 13 classes. 1st class free.


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below, email us at Livermore SCD, or call 925-784-3662

Circle and turn in the center

The Livermore Class Banner in Merril Hall

Young dancers (and helpers) at the 2019 Scottish Games
(used by permission)

For more information about Scottish Country Dancing, and the annual Scottish Games nearest to Livermore, see the following links:
San Francisco Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
Royal Scottish Dance Society worldwide headquarters, Edinburgh, Scotland
Caledonian Club of San Francisco Scottish Highland Games

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a partner?
No. Dancers change partners for each dance and many dancers come by themselves. But it is more fun to bring a friend or two!

What should I wear?
Wear loose comfortable clothes. Many women like to wear a skirt. Bring ballet type shoes or exercise shoes (or any flexible soled shoe to start).

How long does it take before I am an intermediate?
Most dancers are ready to join the intermediate class after one well-attended year.
In most classes, beginners join the intermediates for part of the class time.

What other events are there? (Adults)
We have monthly parties, usually the first Saturday of the month, in different locations around the S.F. Bay Area. These parties have different levels of dances, so that even in your first year you can join in some of the dances. We have an annual formal ball in February, and a workshop for experienced dancers in the fall. There are many other events as well.

Do I have to perform?
No, you do not have to perform. Some of us volunteer to perform at the Caledonian Club Highland Games. There might be a few other opportunities to volunteer for during the year. This varies from class to class.

Is there an age limit?
Not really. Children who like to work in groups and can focus for several minutes and follow 4 directions are ready. Some children are ready at age 5, but most do better at age 8.

Adults come in all ages, and with a wide variety of experience. If you have an open mind about learning, and can move reasonably well—it must be for you!


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