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Santa Rosa Scottish Dancers

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The Santa Rosa Scottish Dance group in Sonoma County, CA is a member of the San Francisco Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of Scotland. RSCDS is an international organization devoted to the promotion and protection of the standards of Scottish country dancing, and has groups all over the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. Taught by Ron Wallace and Gary Thomas, our classes encompass a variety of styles of Scottish dancing:

Scottish Country Dancing is the exuberant social dancing that has been performed in the village halls and ballrooms of Scotland for several centuries, and is a precursor to American Square Dancing.

Highland and Step Dancing are performed for entertainment and competition throughout the world. We offer Highland Dancing, which includes the powerful and dramatic sword dances, as well as Step and Hardshoe Dancing, which ranges in variety from graceful and balletic softshoe dances to exciting, percussive hard-shoe (tap) numbers.

Most of our classes dance to live music, often including fiddle, recorder, and piano. For class schedules, locations, and contact information, please see the menu to the left.