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Branch History - 2005


Calendar for 2005

January 8 Monthly Dance Masonic Temple, Mountain View [Mountain View]
  29 Ball Preview, Soquel Grange Hall, Teachers: Paula Jacobson & Bob McMurtry
February 5 Valentine Ball Review, Noe Valley Ministry, SF
    Teachers: Dwayne McQuilliams, Susie Kass, Trina Merriman. Music: Steve Wyrick & Janice Dairiki
  9 Ball Gown Sale & Tea Party
  9 Valentine Ball Review, Mt View Sports Pavilion
  12 Valentine Ball
March 5 Monthly Dance Masonic Temple, Alameda [Lafayette & Livermore]
April 2 Monthly Dance Masonic Temple, Mountain View [San Jose]
  9 Sacramento Workshop and Ball
  30 Children's Ball, Livermore
May 7 Spring Workshop, Alameda
  7 Monthly Dance, Pot Luck, AGM Masonic Temple, Alameda [Berkeley]
  14-15 Livermore Games
June 4 Monthly Party Soquel Grange Hall, Soquel [Monterey, Santa Cruz & Soquel]
  11 Truckee Workshop
  18 Beginner Ball, Sonoma State Univ.
  25 Dance of the Decade (40th Anniversary) Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Oakland.Music: Green Ginger
July 9 Dunsmuir Games, Dunsmuir House, Oakland
August 6-7 Monterey Games, Toro Park
September 3 Jean Patrick Memorial Dance, Pleasanton Veterans´┐Ż' Hall
  3-4 Caledonian Games, Pleasanton Fair Grounds
  24 Dixon Games
October 1 Monthly Party, Palo Alto Art Center [Red Thistle & New World]
  1 Loch Lomond Games
  28-30 Asilomar Weekend
November 5 Monthly Party Masonic Temple, Alameda [Lafayette & Livermore]
December 3 Monthly Party, Palo Alto Art Center [Mountain View]
  10 Berkeley Holiday Party, Arlington
  22 SF Class Winter Solstice Party
  29 Lafayette 5th Thursday Party

The Branch tried a Spring Workshop this year for the first time organized by Greg Reznick. Ellen Aaron taught an advanced technique class (attendance 24) and Bruce Herbold taught a class on forms and figures (attendance 36). The event incurred a net loss of $263.75.

The Dance of the Decade was held June 25th in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral to celebrate the Branch's 40th Anniversary. The event committee, Witsie McKelvy, Paula Jacobson, Nancy Page, Trina Merriman, Jewel Murphy, Larry Wakeman, Greg Reznick and Donna Wiedenfeller organized a bank-up party. Music was provided by Green Ginger, Ian and Meryl Thompson on fiddles and Cas Sloan on piano. Sound was provided by Patti Cobb, Greg Resnick and Jeff Parsons. The hall was decorated with the class banners used at Asilomar and with flowers arranged by Jennifer Kelly. Jewel and Larry arranged displays pictures, fliers etc. and an automated slide show from the Branch archives. A pre-ball soiree was hosted by Ellen and Jonathan Lovell, and a 'light' buffet organized from contributions by a host of Branch members by Trina and Donna followed the dancing. There were commemorative T-shirts designed by Sylvain Pelletier and Tim Wilson for those who wanted to purchase them. Jennifer Kelly devised three new dances for the occasion, and they were shown at one of the intermissions by two sets from Red Thistle Dancers. The dance program was selected by Paula Jacobson and Alan Twhigg. Jeff Campbell was the piper, Fred Macondray Grand Marshall and Witsie Mistress of Ceremonies. Dance briefings were provided by Sheena MacQueen, Alan Twhigg and Paula Jacobson.

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