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Asilomar 1967-1979

October 6-8, 1967

Chairman John Kelly
Committee Will Kinsey
Fred Sommer
Teaching Staff Paulina Barnes (Vancouver)
Mary Brandon (LA)
C. Stewart Smith (SF).
Ball Nautilus Hall, Kathleen McAdam MC
Band The Thistle Highland Dance Band: Jack Rennie
Cost $29.00 per person four-to-a-room


$33.00 per person two-to-a-room
$9.00 nonresidents (Sat.)
$14.00 nonresidents (Sat. & Sun.)
The required deposit was $2.00
Housing Sea Galaxy (Windward, Shores and Cypress)
Attendance 48

Dances taught: by Paulina Barnes: Miss Bennet's Jig, The Honeymoon, Mrs. Cholmondeley's Reel, MacDonald of the Isles, The Banockburn Reel, The Deil's awa' with the Exciseman, Stewart's Fancy, Mackenzie of Whitehall

The entire group was piped into lunch on Sunday by Ted and Roni Staples with Eddie Grant playing drums.

November 22-24, 1968:

Chairman John Kelly
Teaching Staff Mary Brandon
Paulina Barns
Tom Cunningham
Friday Night Informal dance in Nautilus Hall, Kathleen McAdam MC
Ball Administration Building, Stewart Smith MC
Band The Thistle Highland Dance Band: Jack Rennie, Marvin Reed & Walter Sereth.
Cost $30.00 per person four-to-a-room
$34.00 per person two-to-a-room.
$2.00 more after October 20th
Saturday only $5.00
Ball only $3.00
Sunday only $3.00
Housing Lodge, Hill Top, Windward, Shores, Cypress

The swimming pool at Asilomar was opened on Saturday afternoon for anyone who wanted to go in, but only one soul (Carl Whitman) cared to brave the frigid waters. Zeo Dellinger stood by as lifeguard, but her services were not needed.

November 14-16, 1969

Chairman Eugene Bissell
Teaching Staff Mary Brandon
Patrick Jordan
Jean Patrick
Friday Night Informal dance in Nautilus, Marsha Walsh MC
Band recorded music
Cost $34.00 per person four-to-a-room
$39.00 per person two-to-a-room
+$3 after 5 Oct
Saturday only $6.00
Ball only $3.00
Sunday only $3.00.
Housing Guest Inn, Scripps, Windward, Shores
Attendance 42 full time, 7 day only.

November 13-15, 1970:

Chairman Clifford Porter
Committee Ann Judson
Virginia Bissell (Hospitality).
Teaching Staff Fred Macondray
Paulina Barnes (Vancouver)
Charles Robertson (New York).
Friday Night Informal dance in Nautilus MCd by Paul Sarvis
Ball MC Patrick Jordan
Attendance 88
Cost $34.00 per person four-to-a-room
$39.00 per person two-to-a-room
+$3 after Oct. 15
Saturday only $6.00
Ball only $3.00
Sunday only $3.00
Housing Tide Inn, Windward, Shores, Cypress
Attendance 83

Dances taught by Fred Macondray: John McAlpin, The Osprey's Nest, Stoorie Miller, Miss Jane Langs Str., Rose Among the Heather, Imperial Str., Black Craig of Dee, New Howford Brig, Lady Sophia Ann of Bute, Miss MacPherson of Inverness, Captain Whiteside, Gentle Shepherd, Lassie of Dunse, Loch Ness Monster & The Deil's awa

Dances taught by Paulina: Barnes: Roaring Jelly Miss Forbes Reel, Loch Na Keal, This is no my Ain Hoose, Lord Maclay's Reel, Kinghorn Sands, We're A Noddin, Haugh o' Kelvin & Earl of Dumphries

Dances taught byCharles Robertson: Captain Whiteside, Curleywee, The New Howford Brig, Merry Andrew, Cargill's Leap, McDonald's Rant, Duncan McKay & Flight of the Sandmartins.

November 26-28, 1971:

After the 1970 weekend there was much discussion about the cost of the weekend, and a number of people expressed a desire for a less expensive affair. A committee was appointed to look for an alternate, less expensive site but was unable to find one by the January Board meeting. Moreover, it looked like Asilomar might not be available even if we wanted it, so additional efforts were made. Sacramento and the "Y" in San Jose were suggested as possible sites. Jean Sanford, Jennifer Kelly and Bob Skurko were asked to look into these possibilities. Jean arranged for use of the Woodlake Inn, and an effort was made to induce Miss Milligan to come as the teacher. In the end nothing came of either of these efforts. The weekend returned to Asilomar. Considerable activity was mounted to raise funds to underwrite the expense of bring a teacher from Scotland. The San Francisco class sponsored a benefit concert by Jean Redpath on September 25th at Trinity Methodist Church, Stewart taught a benefit workshop, Mill Valley Class contributed $50, Lafayette $50, Palo Alto $20.00, and San Jose $50.00. Arrangements were made for Bill Hamilton to teach at the Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Washington DC, and New York to help defray his transportation costs. Victoria, BC and Pittsburgh also requested his services but too late to be included in his itinerary.

Chairman Ken McFarland
Committee George Patrick
Teaching Staff June Shore (Hamilton)
Bill Hamilton (Glasgow)
Jean Sanford
C. Stewart Smith
Mark Post.
Friday Night informal dance MC'd by Mark Post and Dick Wheeler
Ball Band Thistle Band, Los Angeles, Jack Rennie, Jack served as MC.
Cost $42.00 per person four-to-a-room
$37.00 per person two-to-a-room
+$3 after Oct. 22nd
Housing Hill Top, Tide Inn, Surf & Sand, Windward, Shores, Cypress
Attendance 135

November 24-26, 1972:

Chairman George Patrick
Teaching Staff Anna Holden (Birmingham)
Margaret Bowie (Canada)
Jimmie Lomath (Los Angeles)
Patrick Jordan
Friday Night informal dance in Nautilus
Ball Band The Ceilidh Band, San Francisco
Cost $45.00 per person four-to-a-room
$49.00 per person two-to-a-room
+$5 after Oct. 22nd

Dances taught by Anna Holden: The Thistle, The Solway Reel, Dumfries Medley, Riding of the Marches, Tartan Track, The Galloway Pageant Reel, Rothsay Rant, Campbell of Cowder, Pretty Ladies, Glens of Angus, Miss Alison Little, Airdrie Lassies, New Waterloo Reel, The Frisky, Sugar Candie, Lady Maxwell's Reel, Lord Elgin's Reel.

Dances taught by Margaret Bowie: The Walking Wheel, Beauty of the North, Stuart�s Fancy, Bob's your Uncle, Lady Belhaven's Delight, Miss Forbe's Reel, Mackenzie Rant, Wave Tossed Sands.

Dances taught by Patrick Jordan: Fyket, The Graces, Frisky, Bonnie Anne, 1314, Linkum Doddie, Old Nick's Lumber Room, Rob Roy MacGregor.

October 5-8, 1973: 3-day weekend-Friday after dinner through Monday lunch.

Chairman Herb Carl
Committee George Patrick
Robin Short (registrar)
Teaching Staff Bill Little (Castle Douglas, Scotland)
Elinor Mackenzie (Los Angeles)
John & Jennifer Kelly
Margaret More
Friday evening informal dance in Heather
Ceilidh Sunday evening in Heather:
Ball Band The Thistle Dance Band
Cost $76.00 per person in North Woods 3 days
$51.50 per person in North Woods 2 days
$54.00 per person in Longview 3 days
$37.50 per person in Longview 2 days
+$5 after Sept 7

Dances Taught by Bill Little: Lads of Saltcoats, Wood of Fyvie, Sandy o'er the Lea, Solway Reel, Fairly Shot o' Her, Lady Dumfries, Lady Lucy Ramsay, Little Ross Light, Lord Elgin's Reel, Gladstone, Glasgow Jubilee, Highland Fair, Miss Alison Little, You're Welcome Charlie Stuart, Miss Milligan's Strathspey, Jubilee Jig, Mrs. Stewart of Fasnacloich.

Dances Taught by Elinor MacKenzie: Rob Roy The Key of the Cellar, Duke of Perth, Mr. Wilson's Hornpipe, The Deacon of the Weavers, The Frisky, Miss Scott's Strathspey, The Piper's Reel, Caberfei. John Kelly: A Trip to Bavaria, Lady's Breist Knoe, The Frisky, A Mile to Ride. Jennifer Kelly: Petronella, Miss Isabella McLeod, Ladies' Fancy, A Trip to Tobermory.

October 12-14, 1974 Held at Skyline High School:

Chairman Jean Patrick
Committee K Thorne (reservations)
Julie Burcham (refreshments)
Herb Carl (equipment)
Nancy Ginzton (signs).
Teaching Staff Bill Hamilton (Scotland)
Mary Murray (Vancouver)
Lynda Long
Kathleen McAdam (children�s class)
Friday Night informal dance at El Rancho Motel MCd by Patrick Jordan
Lunches in the school cafeteria
Pre-ball dinner The mermaid Room, El Rancho Motel
Ball chair Kathleen McAdam
Band Thistle Band
Ball MCs Bill McConachie & Elinor Mackenzie
Cost per person $28.00 (motel rooms were from 16.50 to 29.00)

Dances taught by Bill Hamilton: The Gathering, Inveraray, Lady Home's Jig, Scottish Reform, Hamilton House, Haughs of Cromdale, Madge Wildfire's Strathspey, Glen More, The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow, Cairn Edward, La Tempete, Summer in Assynt, Rothesay Rant & Dingwall and Skye.

Dances taught by Mary Murray: Flowers of Edinburgh, Reel of the 51st Division, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Braes of Breadalbane, Twa Meenit Reel, Bratach Bana, Glasgow Assembly & Rose of Benbecula (ladies solo).

Dances taught by Lynda Long: My Ain House, Two and Two, Monymusk, The Loch Ness Monster, John Anderson's Reel, Drumelzier, Hot Punch, Waverley, Garry Strathspey, Rest and Be Thankful, Delvine Side, Sutters of Selkirk, The Irish Rover, MacDonald of the Isles, Postie's Jig, The McClintock Rant, Mairi's Wedding & Jessie's Hornpipe.

October 10-12, 1975: Held at Taylor Intermediate School, Millbrae.

Chairman Jean Patrick
Committee K Thorne (reservations)
Robert McGowan (equipment)
Virginia Bissell (refreshments),
Teaching Staff Mary Stoker (Britain)
Stewart Smith (Houston)
Jennifer & John Kelly
Mark Post (class in SCD music only)
Marianne Crowder (class in basic movement)
Friday Night informal dance, Penthouse, El Rancho Motel MCd by Kathleen McAdam
Meals lunch and dinner Saturday and lunch Sunday were at the El Rancho Motel
Ball Taylor School gymnasium
Chair Ken McFarland:
Band Berkeley Scottish Players, Barbara Bouwsma
MC Fred Macondray & Bill McConachie
Cost per person $27.00 plus motel

Dances taught by Mary Stoker: The Mairrit Man's Favorite, Braes of Breadalbane, Muirland Willie, Miss Murray of Lintrose, Sean Truibhas Willichan, Nineteenth of December, Buchan Eightsome Reel, Sutters of Selkirk, Lucy Campbell, Lord MacDonald's Reel, Round Reel of Eight & Twixt Don & Dee.

Dances taught by C. Stewart Smith: The Bees of Maggieknockater & The Flying Spur. John Kelly: Bonnie Anne, Because He was a Bonnie Lad, Tapsalteerie & Altshellach.

Dances taught by Jennifer Kelly: Happy Returns, Wicked Willie, The Campbell's Frolic, Adieu Mon Ami, The Sailor, The Anderson's Rant, Last of the Lairds & The Celtic Brooch.

October 16, 1976: Held at Taylor Intermediate School, Millbrae.

Chairman Kathleen McAdam
Committee Walter McAdam (registrar )
Teaching Staff May Yarker (Sussex)
Elsie Robertson
Bruce Hamilton

There was no ball but a ceilidh Saturday evening that included songs by Kathleen McAdam, Jane Landstra and Bruce Hamilton, a Sailor's Jig by Robert McGowan, and a poetry reading by Elsie Robertson. Henry Thompson led American Folk Dancing. Mrs. Yarker taught an Australian Wedding Dance. Kay Thorne and John and Jennifer Kelly performed a dance devised by Stewart Smith in honor of John and Jennifer's son, Andrew. Robert McGowan and Henry Thompson did a double Sword Dance, and Fred Macondray played pipes. These were interspersed with SCD to the music of the Cabbage Band.

Cost $10.00 per person Attendance 80

September 30 to October 2, 1977, Asilomar

Chairman Mark Post Teaching Staff Ian MacFarlane (Toronto) Archie Nixon (Winnipeg) C. Stewart Smith (Houston) Friday Night Informal dance in Nautilus Hall Ball Band The Berkeley Scottish Players: Barbara Bouwsma, Robert McGowan, Roy Kaitner, Margo Leslie, Paul Machlis, Carol Ginsburg, Vaughn Wolff. Kelvin Buneman handled the sound. Cost $56 four-to-a-room $62 two-to-a-room $12 Ball and Dinner $6 Ball only Attendance 120

October 6-6, 1978

Chairman Mark Post
Teaching Staff Paul Sarvis (New York)
Bob Millar (Toronto)
Mary Nixon (Winnipeg)
Henry Thompson (SF)
Friday Night informal dance
Ball Band The Berkeley Scottish Players, Barbara Bouwsma
Attendance 159

October 26-28, 1979

Chairman Mark Post
Committee Marjorie Kistemaker plus a credit list of 66 names.
Teaching Staff John Drewry (Aberdeen)
Margaret Zadworny (Vancouver)
Simon Scott (Vancouver)
Barbara McGowan
Walter and Kathleen McAdam gave a class in Scottish Dress and Dance Customs.
Friday Night informal dance and ceilidh in Nautilus led by Sheena West
Ball Chairman Arlene Baxter
Band Schiehallion Band: Ian Brady & Ian Price(accordions), Celia Collin (violin), Davene Browne (bass), Murray Shoolbraid (piano) & Derek Hill (drums).
Cost $73.00 per person four-to-a-room
$81.00 per person two-to-a-room.
Housing in Sea Galaxy, Surf and Sand, and part of the View Crescent
Attendance 204 dancers (included 27 New Zealanders) 14 teachers and musicians.

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