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Asilomar 1980-1989

November 14-16, 1980:

Chairman Mark Post
Committee Marjorie Kistemaker
Teaching Staff Marianne Taylor (Boston)
Mary Murray (Vancouver)
George Emmerson (London, ON)
Stan Hamilton (Toronto) - special classes in music
Friday Night informal dance in Nautilus Hall
Ball Band The San Francisco Scottish Players, Kim McGarrity & Margo Leslie-Post
Housing South Longview, Sea Galaxy, Whitecaps, Manzanita, Beachcomber Motel.
Attendance 235

November 6-8, 1981

Chairman Marjorie Kistemaker/
Committee Ellie Wood (registrar)
Teaching Staff George Will (Vancouver)
Ruth Jappe (Vancouver)
Sandra Binns (St Catherines, ON)
Ken McFarland
John Kelly
Jennifer Kelly.
Friday Night informal dance in Merrill Hall to the music of pianist Ron Krug (Winnipeg).
MC Kim Chambers
Ball Chairman Arlene Baxter
Band The San Francisco Scottish Players: Kim Chambers (piano), Margo Leslie-Post(violin), Tom Welch(violin), Nancy Eranosian(violin), Andy Johnson(bass)
Attendance 256

October 29-31, 1982

Chairman Marjorie Kistemaker
Committee Ellie Wood (registrar)
Teaching Staff Jean Redpath (Scottish music)
Paul Sarvis (New York)
Mary Murray (Vancouver)
Kathleen McAdam
Mark Post as a last minute substitute for Bob Blackie who was scheduled to teach but was not allowed to enter the US because he had not obtained a work permit.
Friday Night Concert by Jean Redpath in the Chapel
Ball Chairman Arlene Baxter
Band The San Francisco Scottish Players
Cost per person $95 four-to-a-room
$100 two-to-a-room
Attendance 225

Class Banners were used for the first time to decorate Merrill Hall. They really did convert it into a baronial manor hall.

October 21-23, 1983

Chairman Marjorie Kistemaker
Teaching Staff Sheena Ellis (Vancouver)
Simon Scott (Vancouver)
Kim Chambers
Lynda Korsan
Fred Macondray
Friday Night Dance in Nautilus - `A Tribute to John Drewry' Music by Kim Chambers, Paul Machlis & Susie Petrov
Ball Chairman: Arlene Baxter
Robyn Dondero
Lee Feinstein
Jane Muirhead
MC Ellie Briscoe
Band Tullochgorum: Barbara McGowan(violin), Christine Anderson(violin), Susan Worland(violin), Robert McGowan(bass), Susie Petrov(piano), Bill Tomczak(drums), Kelvin Buneman(sound)
Refreshments Miranda's Catering
Cost per person $95 four-to-a-room
$100 two-to-a-room
Attendance 253

There was live music for all classes

The impromptu after-party started with a sing-a-long lead by Kathleen McAdam and Ellie Briscoe. Then various musicians started showing up - eventually piano, four fiddles, mandolin, drums, clarinet, and a mouth piano. At one point Rick Wood was playing the buttons of his accordion while Susie Petrov played the keys with her right hand and the keys of the mouth piano with her left while Robyn Dondero provided the wind. At another point, Barbara McGowan and Margo Leslie-Post played their fiddles with linked arms. Bruce Tomczyk played clarinet while various people attempted line dances. After some belly dancing and some more sing-a-long the party broke up at a quarter to five a.m.!

October 26-28, 1984

Chairman Robyn Dondero
Committee Paul Douglas
Sue Bernhardt
Bob, Barbara & David Sholtz
Eugene & Virginia Bissell
Bradley Baxter
Walter McAdam
Marjorie Easten
Donnalee de la Luz
Karen Fitch
Fred Macondray (piper)
Teaching Staff Jo Anning (Winnipeg)
Bruce Hamilton (SF)
Ruth Jappy (Vancouver
Jeanetta McColl (Boston)
Mark Post (SF).
Friday Night Welcome Dance in Merrill Hall; Kathleen McAdam MC, Kim McGarrity & Paul Machlis, music
Ball Chairman Meredith Hoffman
Chris Riker
Anne Orme
Lara Bennett
Band The San Francisco Scottish Players: Margo Leslie-Post (violin), Barbara McGowan(violin), Peggy Duesenberry (violin), Kim McGarrity(piano), Geoff Palmer(mandolin), Andy Johnson(bass), Ron Wilson (drums). Kelvin Buneman (sound).
MC Eugene Bissell
Midnight supper catered by Miranda's Catering Service.
Cost per person $105 four-to-a-room
$115 two-to-a-room.
Attendance 200

October 25-27, 1985

Chairman Charleen Dugan
Committee Nancy Eranosian(Registrar)
Jo Hamilton(Teacher Liaison)
Paul Machlis(Music Liaison)
Karen Fitch(Calligraphy)
Jack & Bradly Baxter
Lara Bennett
Alec McLean
Doug & Gloria McConnell
Anne & Frank Orme
Chris Riker
Jane Samuelson
Teaching Staff George Will (Vancouver)
Colin Garret (London)
John & Jennifer Kelly (SF)
Sheena West (SF)
Friday Night Alasdair Fraser and Paul Machlis in Concert followed by Welcome Dance.
Ball Chairman Meredith Hoffman
Band The San Francisco Scottish Players: Alasdair Fraser fiddle), Margo Leslie-Post(fiddle), Cait Reed(fiddle), Geoff Palmer(mandolin), Kim McGarrity(piano), Andy Johnson(bass), Dave Miles(drums), Kelvin Buneman(sound)
MC Arlene Baxter
Midnight supper catered by Miranda's Catering Service.
Cost per person $110 three-to-a-room
$125 two-to-a-room
Housing North Woods, Sea Galaxy & View Crescent
Attendance 272

Dances Taught by Coolin Garrett: Bonnie Anne, Cairn Edward, Cauld Kail, Fidget, Lady Auckland's Reel, Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel, The Robertson Rant, Watson's Reel, The Wee Cooper of Fife.

Dances Taught by Jennifer Kelly: Beth Wilson's Delight, The Highlandman's Umbrella, Lanes of Au, Leslie Strathspey, Miss Agnres Lowden, Paisley Mondays, Summer in Assynt & A Trip to the Netherlands.

Dances Taught by John Kelly: Bannacks & Brose, Captain McBride's Hornpipe, Diamond Jubilee, Her Majesty is Welcome, Jimmy's Fancy & Miss Tapsell's Delight.

Dances Taught by Sheena West: The Anniversary, General Stuart's Reel, Genevieve's Jig, Lady Home's Jig, Lassies of Dunse, Lassie wi' the Yellow Coatie & Miss Nancy Arnott.

Dances Taught by George Will: Miss C M Barbour, The Flittering, Greenwich Hill, Hunt the Gowk, Islay Mist, John of Bon Accord, McLeod's Fancy, Milton's Welcome, This is no My ain House, The Weaver's Daughter-in-law.

October 31 to November 2, 1986

Chairman Charleen Dugan
Committee Bradley Baxter(Registrar)
Jo Hamilton (teacher coordinator)
Kevin Lesko(class assignments)
David Newitt(Friday night party)
Teaching Staff Elinor Vandegrift(Seattle)
Ron Wallace (Minneapolis)
Geoffrey Selling(Delaware Valley)
Dottie Carr(Sacramento)
Warren Lee(Mill Valley)
Jean Redpath (Ballad workshops)
Class musicians Andy Imbrie, Margo Leslie, Kim McGarrity, David Mostardi, Geoff Palmer & Kay Thorne.
Friday Night Jean Redpath Concert
Ball Chairman Meredith Hoffman
Band Drops of Brandy: Barbara McGowan(fiddle), Margo Leslie-Post (fiddle), Kim McGarrity(piano), Geoff Palmer(mandolin), Robyn Dondero(bass), John Day(drums) Steve White(sound)
MC Marjorie Kistemaker
Cost per person $115 three-or-four-to-a-room
$130 two-to-a-room
Housing North Woods, Sea Galaxy & View Crescent.
Attendance 254

Dances taught by Dottie Carr: Buchan Gate, C'est L'Amour, Dance with Your Soul, Duran Ranger, Johnny Walker, Miss Stewart's Jig & The Saltire Society Reel.

Dances taught by Warren Lee: Bothkennar, Davy Nick Nack, Fraser's Favorite, Glayva, Mantua Makers, New Scotland Strathspey, The Station Master's Jig, Twa Meenit Reel & West's Hornpipe.

Dances taught by Geoffrey Selling: The Axum Reel, The Chapman, Campbell's Hornpipe, Glasgow Lasses, Green Grow the Rashes, Miss Cahoon's Reel, Over the Water to Charlie (New Way) & Rothesay Country Dance.

Dances taught by Elinor Vandegrift: The Conundrum, Glasgow Lasses, Isca Reel, Monterey Mixer, The Saltire Society Reel & Shiftin' Bobbins.

Dances taught by Ron Wallace: Auchentoshen, Auld Friends Meet, Currie Mountain, The Duke of Athol�s Reel, Fiddlehead Feast, King's Park, Trip to Sucker Bay & Rob Roy McGregor.

In addition to the usual dancing classes Jean Redpath offered two sessions of a ballad workshop in which virtually everyone at the weekend participated

October 31 to November 2, 1987

Chairman Charlene Dugan
Committee Bradley Baxter
Laura Cooper
Marjorie Easton
Jo Hamilton
Kim Jacobs
Kevin Lesko
Doug & Gloria McConnell
Alec McLean
Mimi Mueller
Jane Samuelson
Vicki & Glenn Wildman
Teaching Staff Eugene Bissell
Liz Johnston(Vancouver)
Johan MacLean(Glasgow
Mark Post
Paul Sarvis(Portland, Me)
June Shore(Toronto)
Ball reviews Susie Kass & Sara Gratiot.
Friday Night Welcome Dance in Merrill Hall, Kim McGarrity, Margo Leslie-Post, Maureen Jappy, Jan & Dave Tappan, Marge van Nus, Andy Imbrie, Athena Tergis, Lyle Ramshaw, David Mostardi, John Day, Donnalee de le Luz & John Taylor.
Ball Chairman Meredith Hoffman
Band Fiddlesticks and Ivory: Kim McGarrity, Margo Leslie- Post, Lyle Ramshaw, Janet Kurnick, John Taylor, Andy Johnson, Henri Ducharme & John Day. Sound by David Newitt & Marjorie Easton
MC Bruce Hamilton.
Grand Marshall Jack Baxter
Cost per person $140four-to-a-room
Non dancer $100
Housing North Woods, Sea Galaxy & View Crescent
Attendance 248

Dances Taught by Gene Bissell: The Breakdown, My Spouce Nancy, Rory O'More, St Andrews Fair, Silver City, Prince Rupert's Fancy, Heather Honey, The Maze, The Thistle & the Rose, Netherby Hall & O'Keefe's Jig. L. Johnston: Reel of Mey, Altshellach, From the Broomielaw, The Bonnie Links, The Harbour City, Frae A' the Airts & The Dhoon.

Dances Taught by J. MacLean: Miss Nellie Weymss, Blythe to See Ye, It's Just for Fun, Haig of Bemerside, Dean Bridge of Edinburgh, The Linton Ploughman, Bonnie Links, St Andrews Cross, McLaine of Lochbuie, The Braes of Balquidder & Argyll's Bowling Green.

Dances Taught by Mark Post: Friday's Child, Largo Bay, Fair Donald, Todlen Hame & Bon Voyage. P. Sarvis: Sutters of Selkirk, Lady Mary Menzie's Reel, The Widows, Leslie Strathspey, Lucy Campbell & The Magic Airt o' Gow.

Dances Taught by J. Shore: Fairly Shot o' Her, Bonnie Banchory, The Birks of Invermay, Glen Dochart Reel, The Conundrum, Brochan Lom & Salute to Summer.

October 21-23, 1988

Chairman Charleen Dugan
Committee Alec McLean
Bradley Baxter
Jo & Bruce Hamilton
Andy Imbrie
Kim Jacobs
Doug & Gloria McConnell
Heather McIntosh,
Mimi Mueller
Chris Riker
Jean Sakanashi
Bob Sholtz
Mikkel Thompson
Teaching Staff Bob Blackie (Toronto)
Enid Fowler (San Diego)
David Gok (SF
Marianna Harvey (SF)
Robin Lynch (Winnipeg)
Tony Moretti, Jr (Boston)
Ball reviews: Bruce Herbold & Carolyn Zuparko
Class musicians Andy Imbrie
Jaci Cotter
Henri Ducharmes
Nancy Eranosian
Sherryl Fawx
Janet Kurnick
Shona LeMottee
Barbara Magone
Kim McGarrity
David Mostardi
Lisa Sharp
Slavko Silic
Jan & Dave Tappan
John Taylor
Athena Tergis
Kay Thorne
Marge Van Nus
Friday Night Concert with Alasdair Fraser & Paul Machlis MC: Alan Twhigg
Ball Chairman Brian Tailleur
Jean Sakanashi
Mikkel Thompson
Vicki & Glenn Wildman
Kim Jacobs
Marguerite & Brian Campbell
Bob Sholtz
Band Fiddlesticks And Ivory: Kim McGarrity(fiddle), John Taylor(fiddle), Janet Kurnick (fiddle), Lyle Ramshaw (piano), Henri Duscharme (accordion), Andy Johnson (bass), John Day(drums) ,Kelly Rogers(sound)
MC Dottie Carr
Cost per person $145 three-or-four-to-a-room
$160 two-to-a-room

November 3-5, 1989

Chairman Charleen Dugan
Committee Jo Hamilton(teacher liaison)
Alan Twhigg (teacher liaison
Andy Imbrie (musical liaison)
Heather McIntosh (registration)
Mimi Mueller (calligraphy)
Kim Jacobs (art work)
Teaching Staff Wilma Fee (Los Angeles)
Jeanetta McColl (Boston)
John Middleton (Hamilton ON)
Bill Zobel (Berwick)
Bruce Hamilton (SF)
Marjorie Easton (SF)
Pat O'Brien & Kathleen McAdam ball reviews.
Class Musicians Andy Imbrie
Nancy Eranosian
Sherryl Fawx
Janet Kurnick
Arlene Leitch
Shona LeMottee
Kim McGarrity
David Mostardi
Bruce Patterson
Jan & Dave Tappan
John Taylor
Athena Tergis
Judy & Pate Thompson.
Friday Night Concert by Muriel Johnstone and dance MCd by Gary Thomas
Ball Chairman Brian Tailleur
Jean Sakanashi
Mikkel Thompson
Bob Sholtz
Sue and Bruce Anderson
Fred DeMarse
Kim Jacobs
Band Fiddlesticks and Ivory: Kim McGarrity(fiddle), John Taylor(fiddle), Janet Kurnick (fiddle), Lyle Ramshaw (piano), David Mostardi (accordion), Andy Johnson (bass), John Day(drums) , Kelly Rogers(sound)
MC Sara Gratiot
Cost per person $170four-to-a-room
Non dancers $115
Attendance 253

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