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The Children's Ball 1999 to 2005

The first Children's Ball was held in May of 1999 at the Women's Club in Alamo. Sixty five dancer aged 7-19 from Lafayette, Livermore, Berkeley and Sacramento danced to live music by the Andy Imbrie Ensemble under the sponsorship of the Lafayette Class. The Afternoon began with a Grand March, leading into the Dashing white Sergeant, followed by 14 well loved favorites. The highlight of the afternoon was the Reel of the 51st Division. Even after a full encore there were calls of �again, again�.

Following the dancing participants pitched in to set up tables and chairs for tea which included an array of scones, sausage rolls, lemon tarts, Dundee cake, Helensburgh toffee, etc, all provided by a committee of parents and adult dancers.


Venue Orinda Community Center, Orinda
Music Andy Imbrie Ensemble (Andy, Sheryl Fawx, Susan Worland, Duncan Mackintosh)
Attendance Eighty dancer aged 7-19
Piper Jeff Campbell
Grand Marshall Jo Hamilton

Intermission entertainment by piper Heath Burton was also enjoyed by the 114 spectators in attendance. Refreshments were provided by parents, teachers and friends under the supervision of June Christie. Jimmy Lomath of Los Angeles donated a pair of Gandolfi ghillies, which were awarded in a drawing to Kaitlin Sands of Lafayette.


Music Andy Imbrie Ensemble Andy Imbrie (piano), Janet Kurnick (fiddle), Susan Worland (fiddle), Michael Bentley(percussion), Patty Van Winkle (fiddle) and Rod Straddling (accordion)
Piper Armin Busse
Grand Marshall Jo Hamilton
Attendance 95 children & 100 spectators

May 15, 2004

Venue Livermore Veterans' Hall
Music Andy Imbrie, Janet Kurnick, Susan Worland Bentley, Debby Benton-Grosjean, David Mostardi and Donald Robertson
Piper Ron Wallace
Grand Marshals Kathleen McAdam and Maureen Cuddy
Attendance 85 dancers

All of the classes provided food for an elegant tea served under the supervision of June Christie and Jenny Howe of Lafayette and Margaret Ward of Livermore. A special feature this year was Elsie Robertson and Gwen Stadnyk pouring tea from silver teapots. The children got a big kick out of being asked �one lump or two, lemon or milk�.

April 30, 2005 The Piper and the Penguin

Venue Veterans' Hall, Livermore
Music Andy Imbrie, Janet Kurnick, Patty van Winkel, David Strong, Donald Robertson.
Piper Armin Busse
Grand Marshall (the Penguin) Dwayne McQuilliams
Attendance 76 dancers

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