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Lost and Found

Lost Items

The following items have been reported lost at various events. Have you seen them?

Year LostWhereDescriptionContactEmailPhone

2017Lost at Pleasanton Games My tartan sash. It is the California District tartan with a simple brooch pin - 3 piece triangular knot pin. If found you could call 7078298608. I did ask Margaret already. Thanks! Louise M Brewer707-478-1576
2012AsilomarAnkle brace, laced, black plastic and polyester mesh. no internal tag identifying manufacturer. Well used, may be custom. Please reply to Liza Blaney at [email protected]Julee Montes
2012AsilomarReading glasses, small rectangular lenses, with brown "tortoise shell" frames. the type that allows you to look over them when you aren't reading. urer. Well used, may be custom. Please reply to Liza Blaney at [email protected]Julee Montes
2012AsilomarCrimson red, medium, women's jacket - button front and collar like a shirt. Unlined - looks like dopiani silk - may be a really nice polyester. Label says TravelSmith. Please reply to Liza Blaney at [email protected]Julee Montes
2012AsilomarBike canteen. Novara. Never a bad time to ride. Clear plastic with black top and red/silver lettering. Please reply to Liza Blaney at [email protected]Julee Montes
20112011 Jean Patrick dance1 pair ladies' jazz shoes- size 7 *probably placed in the wrong red wine bagMargaret Ward925-449-5932
2011Monthly Party 5/7/11one earring, cream-colored, made of bone, in the shape of a tulip hanging down. about 2" long, 1/2" wide. Likely lost in the dance hall, upon removal of sweaters. High sentimental value!Rebecca Clark

Found Items

The following items were found at various branch events. Are they yours?

Year PostedWhereDescriptionContactEmailPhone

20192018 Berkeley Holiday ParDark green v-neck Nomotta sweater; blue Nalgene water bottle; pink Asilomar 2015 water bottlePaul Bennett510-652-1835
20172017 Plesanton Gamessmall raffia hat; black Dunkin'Donuts baseball cap; purplish baseball cap; blue "Sonoma Ca" t-shirt; black knee sock (1); green cotton garden gloves; yellow Scottish flag w/red lion; plaid neck cooler (white/black plaid); pair shoelaces; white water bottlMargaret Ward925-449-5932
2017June Party, Aptos GrangeBlue Ikea bowl (contained chocolate almonds) left on food table after buffetPamela Baker831-899-7901
20152015 Pleasanton Gamesblack ghillies (ladies size 7 1/2?), camo hat with neck flap, beige ladies half slip, elastic garter, black soft sided mini cooler, Noe Valley Cyclery bottle,Margaret Ward925-449-5932
20142014 PLeasanton Gamesmetal garden stake with dragonfly, red lady's sun hat, small lady's LS Columbia shirt, Levis jeans, dark brown Lady's Ibex sweatshirt, double slack hanger, hankerchief, socks, black tights, jog braMargaret Ward925-449-5932
20132013 Pleasanton gamesblack skirt, black tights, bag of tights and underwear, first aid tape, lipstick, blue comb, one split sole small ghillie, Nikon lens cap, large black fan, box of bandaidsMargaret Ward925-449-5932
20132013 pleasanton gamesBiege camisol, green metal WWF water bottleMargaret Ward925-449-5932
2013Pleasanton games, variousBiege plaid umbrella, black RSCDS dance Scottish t-shirt, black Columbia sweatshirt, biege bucket hat, black Joe Boxer hoodie, 2 pairs of black sunglasses, black American Cruiser sweater(long)Margaret Ward925-449-5932
20132013 Santa Cruz Monthly PWomen's Black Ghillies, Bloch. Small size. Susan R Elgin831-335-7288
2012Santa Cruz Summer By the Small lacy black sweaterColleen Brokaw
20102010 games in Pleasanton1. black Champion warm-up jacket 2. gray/loden Lands End fleece shirt 3. red paisley quilted bag 4. black headband 5. black nylon sleeve, for a katana or sword? 6. goldtone terrier pin 7. blue/white "someone at SJSU loves me" pin 8. pantyhoseMargaret Ward925-449-5932
2009Pleasanton GamesSweater, Black, long with hood and belt, size M, 100% Acrylic, brand: by design. (washed)Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2009Pleasanton GamesPolo Shirt, short sleeved, grayish blue with pale stripes, size S, 100% cotton, brand: GEOFFREY BEENE. (washed)Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2009Pleasanton GamesPolo Shirt, short sleeved, pale gray, size XL, 100% cotton, brand: CAMBRIDGE CLASSICS. (washed)Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
20092009 Livermore gamesbrooch, silvertone & green; 2 fans, red & white/natural; 4 water bottles, clear, blue,green; sunglasses, brownMargaret Ward925-449-5932
20082008 Livermore GamesCommemorative pint glass; black skirt hangerMargaret Ward925-449-5932
2008San Rafael monthly party1 pair of blue flashings and 1 black bowtie.Shari Salis510-558-8644
20082008 Monthly Party AlamedReading glasses, contact Kathleen McAdamWitsie McKelvy925-676-3637
20082007 Lafayette Tween PartScarf, brown and tan designs on both sides, contact Kathleen McAdamWitsie McKelvy925-676-3637
20082007 Lafayette Tween Part1 earring, gold, decorative, contact Kathleen McAdamWitsie McKelvy925-676-3637
2007AsilomarSweater/jacket-black acrylic/poly, size XL, By Design labelSusie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007AsilomarTurtleneck long-sleeve tee shirt-pale purple, no label, on a hangerSusie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007AsilomarScarf-pink acrylic, 72 inchSusie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007AsilomarCell phone case-black with red stitching, Olympus labelSusie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007AsilomarLeg warmers-black, knee-high size, with cable knit stripe on sideSusie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007AsilomarPair of shoes, men's-black leather, size 12W, Clarks label, with small scarf inside (might be separate item, or may go with the shoes)Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007AsilomarA pair of half glasses.Julee Montes
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDSeat cushion, yellow, Scottish games logo, (no name on it)Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDTop, black, sleeveless, stretch fabric, women?s small to medium (? no tags)Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDShorts, blue, biker length, strech fabric, size smallSusie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDVest, black, lace-up front, cotton (cotton-Poly?), size small to medium (?)Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDSlip, black nylon, half slip, size mediumSusie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDPantyhose, cream, size longSusie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDBaseball cap, navy with Anderson crest and tartan visor, (no name inside)Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDKnee-socks, beige, small sizeSusie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDLeather holder, black, with loop, about 2 ?? x 4 ??Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDShoe, one right, black, canvas, Capezio split-sole athletic, US size 7 ?Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Pleasanton games or JPMDTank-top, gray, cotton and polyester, Hanes size small (Was found damp in a plastic bag. I washed it.)Susie Langdon Kass415-333-9372
2007Livermore GamesVery nice Sporran in nylon bagMichael Gregg925-215-1227
2007Livermore GamesPair of ghillies, James Sr., about a size 7, with two sets of insoles in them.Michael Gregg925-215-1227
2007Livermore GamesCollapsable totes-type umbrella, dark red.Michael Gregg925-215-1227

Please consider the value of putting your name on your belongings! Save effort on the parts of event volunteers collecting items at events, typing up this list, sending the list to the website, Class Managers, and to the R&S. Also, if your name is on the item we can notify you. Thanks.

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