Beyond the Shore

Track List and Instrumentation

Title   Instrumentation
The Mermaid   Celtic harp, wooden flute, English horn, fiddle
The Ships Are Sailing/Da Full Rigged Ship   Guitar, congas, fiddle
The Female Sailor/Crabs in the Skillet/The Gray Foam on Stormy Seas   Mile Buoy of Santa Cruz, ship's bell, fiddle, violincello, guitar
The Sandpiper   Bass and snare drum, fiddles, Scottish cauldwind pipes
My Love Has Gone to Sea   Guitar, fiddle
The Flowing Tide/The Gypsies/The Roaring Hornpipe   Fiddle, concertina, wooden flute, bones
The Bonnie Ship the Diamond   Guitar, dilles, sticks, bodhran
Gray Whales in the Monterey Bay   Gull cries, wooden flute, synthesiser, English horn, violincello, piano, fiddle, finger and suspended cymbals, tom-toms
Maoi Donaidh (The Fishermen's Call to the Seals)   Sea lions, Highland bagpipes, wire strung harp, fiddle
Rolling Waves/Cook in the Galley   Fiddle
Crossing to Erin   Violincello, fiddle, guitar, suspended cymbals, tom-toms
Spottiskerry   String bass, cymbals, snare drum, fiddles

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