Australian Laddie

32 bar Strathspey/32 bar Jig for a square set

Dance starts with all women in the middle of the square facing their partners who are on the outside of the square. It should look like a cross.



Bars 1-4

All couples set to partner. All advance for one step and retire for one step. Men advance with arms (antlers) overhead, as in highland, while women advance between the space to their partner's right, hands at sides or lightly touching skirt.

Bars 5-8

All turn partner, with both hands, one and a quarter round, slowly. End facing partner. Woman will be on her partner's right, as per usual position in a square set.

Bars 9-16

Interlocking reels of four in a square. Start reels by facing partner. On bar 16 of the reel men finish moving toward the center to anticipate next figure.

Bars 17-24

All dance a "laddie's" chain (men's chain) starting with men dancing left hands across, turning opposite woman with right hand. On bars 23-24 men turn partner back into the middle, women facing out, men facing in, as per beginning of dance. Release hands early.

Bars 25-32

All dance the knot. Couples turn half way by the right on bars 25-26. In allemande hold dance a quarter way round. The figure will progress all one-quarter way round the set, anit-clockwise. The last 2 bars are a full turn to place, the women back into the middle facing out as before.



Bars 1-4

Men dance a coupe, pas de Basque, twice, while women dance two spring points and a pas Basque, twice.

Bars 5-6

All turn partner by the right hand one and a quarter round to end facing partners.

Bars 9-16

Interlocking reels of four in the square. Start reels by facing partner.

Bars 17-24

All dance a "laddie's" chain (men's chain). Release hands early on the last bars.

Bars 25-32

All dance the knot. End with women in the middle facing out and men on the outside facing in, as per beginning.


Repeat from new places.

Devised by Bob Mc Murtry, 2002

Notes: The dance was dedicated to Doug McConnell on his 70th birthday. Thanks to Paula Jacobson and The Red Thistle Dancers fro their help and suggestions.

Dance Notes: Spacing between partners is important for room and appearance on bars 1-4. Careful not to rush bars 5-8. Men need to be quick in and out of the men's chain, and early hand release, the last 2 bars of the quicktime. The knot is different as it progresses and has a much faster turn at the end to get women back into the middle. Knot travels anti-clockwise and opens up a quarter round the square. Twice through entire dance will bring you back to where you started.

Music: The Doug McConnell Strathspey/The Jid is Up by Muriel Johnstone

Copyright 2002 by Bob Mc Murtry. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for verbatim reproduction and non-profit distribution of this leaflet provided that this notice remains intact. This dance is from "The Devil's Quandary", a collection of 60 dances, 1/2 beginning and 1/2 more advanced with 14 original tunes, 3 by Muriel Johnston, 2 by Andy Imbrie and the rest by Bob Mc Murtry. Available in the bookstore.