For Avril Quarrie
on the occasion of her 60th birthday

A 32 Bar Strathspey for 2 Couples

Bars 1 - 4

First and second couples, nearer hands joined, set. First couple casts one place while second couple dances up, nearer hands joined.

Bars 5 - 8

First and second couples dance a half figure eight, first couple crossing up and second couple casting down one place to begin. First couple ends in second place, opposite sides of the dance, while second couple ends in top place, opposite sides of the dance, facing out.

Bars 9 - 16

First and second couples dance an espagnole up and down the dance, first couple crossing up on bars 9 and 10, rights hands joined, and then casting into second place. Second couple casts one place and then crosses up on bars 11 and 12, right hands joined.

On bars 13 through 16, first and second women turn with the right hand 1½ times, while the first and second men turn with the left hand 1½ times.

Bars 17 - 24

First and second couples dance a tourbillon.

Bars 25 - 28

First and second couples, nearer hands joined, set. First and second couples turn partners one-half round with the right hand, ending with right hands still joined and facing each other in the middle of the set.

Bars 29 - 32

Pulling back right shoulders, first and second couples dance out to the side lines. Then first and second couples cross, giving partner right hand, to get back to their own side of the dance.



Devised by Claudette Sigg, April 2002

Recommended Music

"The Earl of Northampton," composed by Karen Axelrod and published in Celebrate Fifty Years of Dancing with the Boston Branch, RSCDS; it is recorded on the accompanying CD. The second tune on this recording is Kim McGarrity's "Briar Rose," published in The San Francisco Collecion, Volume 2.

Copyright © 2002 by Claudette Sigg. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for verbatim reproduction and non-profit distribution of this leaflet provided that this notice remains intact.