A 32 Bar Reel for 3 couples

Bars 1-4

1st couple cross by the right hand and cast off one place, 2nd couple stepping up on bars 3&4.

Bars 5-8

1st couple set, turn by the right hand, once round, with 1st woman facing out menís side of the dance and first man dropping behind his partner in
order to follow.

Bars 9-12

1st woman with her partner following dance a half, right shoulder reel of three, on the menís side of the dance. Start by passing 2nd man. 1st woman casts, pulling back right shoulder, behind her partner on bars 11&12 as they face womanís side of the dance.

Bars 13-16

1st man, followed by partner, dance a half, right shoulder reel of three on the womanís side of the dance. 1st man start by passing 3rd woman and end by casting, pulling back right shoulder, behind partner on bars 15&16 woman facing out the top, partner close behind.

Bars 17-20

1st couple cast out the top of the set, man to the right and woman to the left.

Bars 21-24

1st couple dance a half, mirror reel of three on opposite sides of the dance. 1st couple start by dancing in and down, between the 3rd couple.

Bars 25-28

1st couple dance a half figure of eight between the 2nd couple.

Bars 29-32

1st woman with 3rd woman turn by the left hand for 4 bars while 1st man with 3rd man turn by right hand back to second place on own side.



Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Mc Murtry, 2000


Copyright © 2000 by Bob Mc Murtry. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for verbatim reproduction and non-profit distribution of this leaflet provided that this notice remains intact. This dance is from "The Devil's Quandary", a collection of 60 dances, 1/2 beginning and 1/2 more advanced with 14 original tunes, 3 by Muriel Johnston, 2 by Andy Imbrie and the rest by Bob Mc Murtry. Available in the bookstore.