Golden Gateway Reel

32 bar Reel for a three couples


Bars 1-8

1st man dances a left shoulder reel of three across the dance with the 2nd couple. 1st man starts by passing left shoulder with 2nd woman. 1st man
ends in the middle of the set between the 3rd couple, facing down.

Bars 9-16

1st woman dances a right shoulder reel of three across the dance with the 2nd couple, while 1st man dances a right shoulder reel of three with the
3rd couple. 1st woman passes right shoulder with 2nd man, while 1st man passes right shoulder with 3rd man to begin the reels. 2nd couple end the
reel in top place, at the sides. 1st woman ends between the 2nd couple and 1st man between the 3rd couple, first couple facing down

Bars 17-24

1st couple cast to their right around the standing men to end facing first corners. 1st couple turn first corners for 4 bars, finishing facing same corners. (Fig. 2, page 24).

Bars 25-32

1st couple set to first corners, then to each other across the set. 1st couple set to second corners, then to each other up and down the set. 1st
couple finish with a petronella-type turn to second place on own side.


Repeat, having passed a couple.

Devised by Bob Mc Murtry, 2000

Dance Notes: On bars 9-16, 2nd couple should dance up a bit at the beginning of the reel in order to end the reel in top place. Also both the 1st manís and 1st womanís reels start with right shoulder on the menís side of the dance to start.

Music: Not I, on Gang on the Same Gate by Green Ginger (CD).

Copyright © 2002 by Bob Mc Murtry. All rights reserved. Permission is granted for verbatim reproduction and non-profit distribution of this leaflet provided that this notice remains intact. This dance is from "The Devil's Quandary", a collection of 60 dances, 1/2 beginning and 1/2 more advanced with 14 original tunes, 3 by Muriel Johnston, 2 by Andy Imbrie and the rest by Bob Mc Murtry. Available in the bookstore.