The Barefoot Lad

8X32 Reel for three couples in a four couple set
Devised by Larry Wakeman, February, 2012




First couple turn half by the right hand and remain in the center facing down, right hands joined.


First couple lead down the middle.


First couple turn half by the right, the man dancing below the woman who dances under their joined right hands like a California Twirl from American Square Dancing.  They finish the turn with right hands joined, facing up the set.


First couple lead back to places.


First Couple set to each other


First Couple advance with skip change of step towards each other, face up touching nearer hands and cast to second place, twos stepping up on bars 5 and 6.


All three couples, taking hands on the side lines, set to partners.


Corner pass and turn with first corners, first couple start from the sidline by passing right shoulder with their partner, corners turn by the right hand (see note), first couple pass right shoulders to


Corner pass and turn with second corners passing right shoulders to end in second place on own side.


Circle six hands round and  back.


This dance is dedicated to Brian Tailleur, a long time member of the San Francisco branch, who passed on February 7th, 2012.  He is known for dancing barefoot and for his free spirit.

Note: The first couple starts the corner pass and turn from the sidelines and go around each other by the long way.  This is the manner that Claudette Sigg has used in several dances.

Suggested tune: Jovial Ken. For a recording I suggest ‘The Barton’s Reel’ on ’15 Social Dances’ by Muriel Johnstone's Band..