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Mailing Labels

Create Mailing Labels …

Clicking a Create Mailing Labels link will bring up the following form.

Select the label type from the dropdown list and click the Create Labels button and a pdf file will be displayed that can be printed on your printer.

  The Printer Top Offset and Printer Left

Offset can be used to make minor adjustments to center the printout on the labels as different printers will print the output with varying margins.

  The Create Calibration Page button will

create a Calibration Page (as below) to check for the required offsets.

Print this form on a blank sheet of paper and compare to a page of labels or the test sheet that can be included with the labels.

  The Offset values are saved in cookies on

your machine.

If you want to use another label type, you can contact the Webmaster for details on how this can be done. The Webmaster will create the definition but requires a sheet of labels to check the definition.

Alternatively, there is a link to download a csv version of the data that can be used with the mail merge functionality of a word processor to create and print the labels on your PC or Mac.

Edit Mailing Label Definitions

This option is used by the Webmaster to create or edit label definitions.

  Click the link will bring up the following


Creating a label definition is an iterative process of filling in the blanks, saving the changes and creating a check page, which is the same as the calibration page for the Print Label functions.

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Page last modified on July 09, 2009, at 12:22 AM