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Member Email

Clicking on either link will bring up a pair of pages as follows. The Email the Membership page will send email to all of the current members of the branch. The Email the Membership Test Version will only send email to a single email address and is used for testing email functions. This is needed as there are differences between the online environment and the test environment.

As you type on the Email Input Form, the Email Preview page will display what the email will look like for the recipients. Enter the Subject in the Subject area. Enter the body of the message in html format. There are several HTML editors available on the internet.

  If you use one, don’t use style sheets, keep

the formatting simple and copy only the body of the HTML (between the <body> and </body> tags).

Use this option sparingly. It should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Send Membership Renewal Emails

Clicking this link will Display the following form.

Deselect the names from the list that you don not want to send reminder emails to and click the Send Email button to send the emails. A confirmation form will be displayed.

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Page last modified on July 09, 2009, at 12:22 AM