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Clicking on the Survey Administration link on the Branch Administration page

will bring up the Survey Administration page:

If there are any surveys that you are allowed to edit, their title will appear as an Editable Survey.  To edit it, click the link for that survey.  To create a new survey, click on the New Survey link.  Surveys that are active appear in the Active Surveys section.   Clicking on the link will allow you to respond to that survey, either for yourself or for another member of the branch.  The Complete Surveys section shows surveys that are past their due date.  Clicking on the link will bring up a results page.

Editing or creating a Survey

Clicking on an existing survey will bring up the Edit Survey form:

The Survey title is used when creating links to the survey.  This is what the members will see on the home page.   The Survey Description is added to the Survey Cover letters and emails and is displayed on the Survey Response page.   The Effective date is when the survey becomes available for responses and the Expiration date is the due date for the survey.  After this date, the survey is no longer available to the members for response but it then becomes available to get results.  Clicking on the Calendar Icon  will bring up a calendar for entering the dates.  If you enter the dates by hand, enter them as yyyy-mm-dd.

Just below the Expiration date is a series of links to the questions that make up the survey.  Clicking on one of these links will display the requested question.

The following area has the attributes for the question. The first is the question number.   This controls the order that the questions are displayed in the forms.  You can reorder the questions by changing the numbers.  Number from one (1) incrementally.

The Question is what is asked of the participants.  If the Allow Comments checkbox is checked, then the question is displayed, the participant will be able to enter comments.

Below this is a list of possible responses.  The Order value controls the order of the responses when they are displayed to the participant.  The Token value is the displayed as the response index.  And the Response is the answer choice.  To remove a Response from the list, click the Delete button to the right of the Response.  The Add Response button below the list of responses will enter a new response.   The Delete Question button will remove the question from the Survey.

The Add Question button below that will insert a new question in the survey.

The bottom row of buttons are used to save, publish or delete the survey.   Until the Save Changes or the Publish The Survey buttons are clicked, any changes that you have made to the survey are not saved.  Closing this window without clicking one of these buttons will discard any changes you have made.   The Delete Survey button will delete the survey.

Clicking on the Publish Survey button will save any changes that you made to the survey and bring up the following form.

The 1. Cover Letter and the 2. Survey buttons will create pdf files that can be printed out.   The Cover Letter is a page for each member.  The Survey is a single copy of the survey.  The cover letter is designed so that if it is Z folded; the members address will show in the window of a #10 Single Window Envelope. A #9 pre-addresses envelope should also be included with the Cover and the survey for the return of the survey. If you use non-windowed envelopes, obtain a set of labels from the Membership Registrar or by clicking the button below. The address labels create some labels with two names on them. Care must be taken to include two copies of the survey and the appropriate cover pages as the cover pages must be returned with the survey in order to process the surveys.  If you don’t have the single window envelopes, the 3. Mailing Labels button will take you to the Labels form as described earlier in this document.

The 3. Email Survey will email all members of the branch with the cover letter in the body of the email and the survey attached to the email.

Creating a new survey

Clicking on the New Survey link on the Survey Administration page will bring up an empty Edit Survey form.

Fill in the Title, Description and the Effective and Expiration dates.   You can then use the Add a Question button to start building your survey.  After the survey has been saved, the Delete Survey and Publish The Survey buttons will appear.

Taking a survey

If you have the privilege to take the survey for another member, the following form will display.

The Take for member dropdown list will allow you to select the member that you are entering the responses for in the event that they sent you a hard copy.   If you haven’t taken the survey yet, your name will be the default selection.  If you don’t have the privilege, the same form will display, but without the dropdown list.

Clicking the Next>>> button will bring up the questions one at a time allowing the member to answer the survey.

Click the circle on the answer you desire to have recorded.  If comments are allowed by the survey owner, the text area will appear below the responses and you can enter any comments there.   You can use the <<<Back button to view an earlier question.

When you have clicked the Next>>> button past all of the questions, a review form will be displayed showing your answers.

Clicking the Save Button will save your responses and record that you have taken the survey and then display the following if you don’t have the privilege to take the survey for other members, otherwise the initial Take Survey page will be displayed, allowing you to take the survey for another member:

Click on the ‘Close This Window’ link to close the popup window.

Survey Results

Clicking on the link in the Complete Surveys section will bring up the following form:

This form displays the results of the survey, listing the questions, the possible responses and a count of the participants who selected that response.   The No Response column registers the number of participants that didn’t select a response.  Any comments entered are inserted below the counts of responses as in the last question above.

Right clicking (or if you are left handed, Left clicking, or whatever for Mac users) on the Excel File link will allow you to download an Excel file of the results to your PC or Macintosh.

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