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Branch Calendar

The above is the Calendar display. If an event is scheduled for a particular day, it will have a link in that day of the display. The Show All Events link will list all of the events that are scheduled in the Calendar. On either side of the Month, at the top is <<< or >>> links that allow you to view other months in the Calendar.

Clicking on the Show All Events link will show the following page.   If you click on an event in the Calendar, the display will only show that event.

Clicking the Map link will open a window with a Google map to the venue for the event. Clicking on the email link will allow you to send email to the event contact.

The Add to your Calendar is for people using a computer based calendaring application. Click either the . vcs or the . ics link to add the party to your calendar. If you are using a Windows PC, try the . vcs link first and if you are using a Macintosh, try using the . ics link first. The ics format is the newer standard and will eventually replace the vcs format. Microsoft Outlook supports both formats.

If you click the Submit a non Branch Event Link, the following form will be displayed.

The fields highlighted in yellow are required. If you want a Map link, you must include the Location and address information. Once the form is filled in, click the Submit Event button. You will get a confirmation page. The event will not be in the calendar. It will be reviewed to insure that the event is appropriate for inclusion in the branch calendar

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Page last modified on June 30, 2009, at 02:54 AM