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When a survey is available, a link will appear above the banner ads on the home page when the member logs into the web site. When the member clicks on this link, a window will open allowing the member to take the survey. When the survey is saved, it will not be available to the member.   Note that the answers that the member provides are stored without relating them to the member and a record is inserted in the database indicating that the survey has been taken by this member.   Surveys may also be submitted in hard copy to the originator of the survey.

Clicking the Next>>> button will bring up the questions one at a time allowing the member to answer the survey.

Click the circle on the answer you desire to have recorded.   If comments are allowed by the survey owner, the text area will appear below the responses and you can enter any comments there. You can use the <<<Back button to view an earlier question.

When you have clicked the Next>>> button past all of the questions, a review form will be displayed showing your answers.

Clicking the Save Button will save your responses and record that you have taken the survey and then display the following:

Click on the ‘Close This Window’ link to close the popup window.

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Page last modified on June 30, 2009, at 02:56 AM