Join us for social Scottish country dancing.

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society San Francisco Branch offers classes for all ages and dancing abilities, including those who are just beginning, those who have danced for decades and everyone in between. Come join us, learn the dances and share the wonderful experience of Scottish country dancing!

What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Scottish country dancing is fun energetic social dancing. Sets of 3 to 4 couples dance interweaving patterns with and around each other. The dancing is accompanied by uplifting, rhythmic music that supports the formations and phrasing of the dance.

Do I need a partner?

No! Scottish country dancing is an equal-opportunity social activity. Dancers are encouraged to invite a new partner for each dance. If you would like to dance with someone, just ask; others will certainly ask you. Everyone is welcome!

What should I wear?

For new dancers, all you need are comfortable casual clothing and soft, flexible shoes. As you progress, flexible dance shoes are recommended.

What happens at the classes?

In each class, you do several dances, building in variety and complexity week- by-week. Your group is taught by a trained and qualified teacher who will instruct you in the steps and formations commonly used in Scottish country dancing. They are great fun to learn in a relaxed, friendly and encouraging environment.

How much does it cost?

Fees vary from class to class, but typically, your first class is free. Ongoing fees range from $4 to $10. We accept cash or checks.

Is it suitable for Children?

Yes, it encourages structured movement and social interaction for young people. Scottish Country Dancing strengthens many of the elements of the school curriculum, including health, well-being, social skills, the expressive arts, and pattern recognition.

Do I have to be Scottish?

Not at all! Scottish Country Dancing is open people of any heritage. It is enjoyed the world over, across Europe, North & South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, wherever people love to dance.

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